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Full Management

• Inbox Management
• Contract Review
• Outbound Management
• Campaign management
• Invoicing
• Scheduling

Outbound Management

Creatives Matter’s outbound management service provides content creators with the flexibility of managing their own inbox while having someone handle their outbound sales. Creatives Matter will be their exclusive outbound manager, pitching them to their wishlist of brands and managing their outbound campaigns.

Creatives Matter strives to be a bridge between creatives and brands. By developing personal relationships with creatives and truly understanding their vision for their businesses, Creatives Matter is able to effectively pitch them to brands.

With years of experience in managing musical acts in the entertainment business and helping creatives secure brand sponsorships, Creatives Matter does not allow their talent managers to have rosters larger than 15 creatives. This is done so that each creative is given an equal amount of attention, increasing the chance of securing brand deals.

Common complaints among creatives include a lack of transparency, slow response rates, and long payout periods. At Creatives Matter, we strive to answer creatives’ questions within the same business day. We also guarantee payment to creatives within 5 business days after collecting it from the brand.

Brands will find that their campaigns are less stressful, more organized, and more successful when working with Creatives Matter. Since each talent manager will have fewer creatives to manage (unlike larger agencies that sometimes have 50+), they are less overwhelmed, more organized, and communicate effectively. This allows for a healthy collaboration between the creative and the brand, which can lead to a long-term relationship.


Looking for an honest talent manager?

    Smaller Rosters

    Our Talent Managers have a max of 15 exclusive Creatives on their roster. Allowing for more attention and faster responses.

    Enhanced Transparency

    We provide you with the ability to monitor all of your deals and the status of your outreach requests right from your smartphone.

    Faster Payouts

    We process payouts immediately after we receive payment from brands. Payments will be deposited directly into your bank within 3-5 business days.

    Inbox Management

    We provide you with an inbox that you can easily access through Gmail. We will sift through the spam and action viable leads.

    Daily Outreach

    We actively reach out to brands that you are interested in collaborating with. We will also actively pitch you to current brand partners.

    No Long-Term Contract

    Our contract has an initial 3 month period, followed by month to month. Allowing you for flexibility as your business grows.


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