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About itsjustourlife

A young entrepreneur raising two beautiful babies and changing the world one video at a time.


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#DovePartner Teaching her to love her hair with the @dove Kids Hair Love line! Every texture, every strand, and every piece! Check back for part 2 to see how the just launched @dove CROWN Collection keeps my CROWN looking fierce. #MyKindOfNatural

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Okay so I know I’m not the only mom who does not like cleaning bottles I feel like I do it every second of the day !! lol As moms we do so many things we shouldn’t feel guilty when we find something that helps make the day easier. So I finally got a bottle cleaning machine from @tot innovations | baby tech and I had to share it with you guys!! Super convenient ✔️ Cleans off milk film from bottles ✔️ A product that cleans bottles that aren’t super loud and annoying ‼️ Now that’s just a plus lol For any moms that are looking for one less thing to worry about try this out. I even have a code for you guys to save with use code: ITSJUSTOURLIFE to save 10% percent off your purchase. Who loves a good discount on purchase that’s a must have. 😩😩 #babymusthaves #momhacks #musthaves #fyp #foryou #viral

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tot innovations


Replying to @ken ken here are some of her favorite things she got from @Miniso Official the blind boxes were her fav!! Do you want to see more of her @MINISO United States haul? #minisousa #minisosanrio #minisoperfumes #minisocarebears #minisoblindbox #foryou #viral #unboxing

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@Emulait Bottle has made Ariyah LOVE feeding time only because this bottle resembles the breast #emulait #bottlefeeding #babymusthaves #ad

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Let’s start the morning off with rearranging my dishwashing area to make it a little bit more convenient. Can you guess my favorite cleaning products? Lol #foru #cleaning #foryou #scrubdaddy #organize

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Scrub Daddy

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