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Nhu Tran

Nhu Tran

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About Nhu Tran

Nhu, a 25-year-old content creator, has a deep love for everything automotive, embracing the enthusiast lifestyle. Since 2020, she has been creating content and strives to build a strong and close community with her fellow enthusiasts through captivating DIY car transformations and the production of enjoyable, relatable content. She shares her enthusiast journey, hoping to inspire fellow enthusiasts to explore and connect with their own vehicles.


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It’s finally happening! Huge thanks to all of you 🥹🤍 This wouldn’t be possible without your support 😭🫶 I’m so stoked to install these on my car!! #ECSTuning #ECSPartner #G80 #M3 #Automotive #DIY #ProjectCar

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♬ original sound - Nhu Tran


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