Let's inspire tomorrow.

Without art the earth would be, eh.

It’s crazy, especially in this day and age that the arts are still considered not of value to society, the statement at the top of this page is something we here take very seriously and it’s something that we want to help people understand.

So, what is it that we do?

We’re a brand new, trying to get on our feet arts community that wants to help undervalued places, clubs and organisations promote themselves.  We’re hoping that by connecting people through our online community we can increase engagement in the arts, the love of the arts and more. So why not get involved today?

Although our admin team are currently based in Glasgow, we’re always looking for new people to help us find new ways to reach people.

Joining is quick, simple and easy.

We actively want people to join in with our community, because it’s you that make our community what it is. To join simply click here to go to the community. Once there register a username and password and start posting!

Please make sure you register with a valid email account. We send an activation email to all new accounts, it helps us stop spam accounts signing up.